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Repeller dogs Dazer II (USA)

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Repeller dogs Dazer II - U.S. production (real!). When the appliance is an aggressive dog will stay away from you at a distance, or run away. The housing is made of durable plastic and is equipped with clip, stainless steel for fastening at the waist.

The device Deyzer II acts on all, without exception, dog breeds, in contrast to the Russian and Taiwanese "analogs", such as: Antireks, Antipes, Antidog, DogChaser.

The housing is made of durable plastic and is equipped with clip, stainless steel for fastening at the waist. Through a unit on an aggressive dog, and clicking on the button, the device begins to emit a powerful ultrasonic signal (24.3 kHz, 116.5 dB) in the direction of the animal.

Ultrasonic frequency generator unit with a powerful directed radiation can affect dogs and cats at a distance of 15 meters. Animals perceive powered device as frightening sound that creates discomfort that dramatically increase as we approach the source. At the same time the device is completely safe for humans and animals and will not cause them harm, so they can enjoy even a child.

The human ear can not perceive sound frequencies above 20 kHz. Animals have a higher threshold of perception of frequency and hear sounds up to 40 kHz.

Answers to frequently asked questions about ultrasonic dog deterrent Dayzer 2:

What is a dog deterrent DAZER II?

DAZER II - a unique high-tech handheld ultrasonic silent dog deterrent in the USA.

DAZER II is used for protection against aggressive animals: dogs, cats, wolves, rats, wild foxes. It is also used for training dogs and protect your dog from strangers, aggressive and stray dogs.

Who can be useful dog deterrent DAZER II?

Ultrasonic dog deterrent Dayzer II helpful passers-by, athletes, runners, cyclists, cottagers, mushroom collectors, postmen, hunters, dog breeders, as well as all other persons who feel the need to have a modern and comfortable and is guaranteed effective means of protection against aggressive dogs.

In big cities there are many homeless and aggressive animals. In order not to suffer a dog bite or from contact with unwanted pets bred with a walk in the park with your child, or jogging, you need only click on the device DAZER II. Powerful ultrasonic device signal directional immediately scare off the animal.

Thus, you save your health and nerves in order. Agree, it is this protection - a guarantee complete security for you, your children and your dog.

As dog deterrent DAZER II can save lives?

Number of victims of animal bites, with increases every year. There is also growing and the number of animals infected with rabies. What would happen if a sick animal bite people know - the virus which has penetrated the blood moving at a speed of 1 mm per day in the direction of the brain, and on reaching it, causing death. According to world statistics, more than 80% of all human rabies associated with dog bites.

Use DAZER II - remain alive and healthy.

What should I do to avoid attack dog?

You have two options:

Do not scare the dog, shouting at her, waving his arms, trying to hit. Do not look a dog straight in the eye - gaze is perceived as a signal to attack. If the dog is busy eating, it should be circumvented. From the dog never escape. It is necessary to enable the animal to sniff you, and then quietly retire.
Use dog deterrent - the device DAZER II.

Whether the device is safe for human health and the dog?

Ultrasonic dog deterrent DAZER II is absolutely safe for human and animal health. The impact of the device to the dogs is not harmful to the psyche and health.

Repeller dogs DAZER II certified?

DAZER II certified by the competent authorities of the European Union and the United States with the appropriate markings on the box.

In addition, certification of the instrument made chief state sanitary doctor.

What DAZER II better than other remedies?

Ultrasonic dog deterrent DAZER II beneficially different from other means of protection from dogs, such as gas cylinders. Gas causes physical harm to the health and psyche of man and dog. Cylinders explode, have a limited shelf life. Capacity of the cylinder is enough for 1-2 clicks.

How do I understand that dog deterrent DAZER II sound and turn on?

Pressing the power button should light up red LED on the front panel DETERRENT DAZER II. In this case, the device working properly and the battery power level is normal. If the LED is not lit, replace the battery with a new Alkaline battery type "crown".

What is the battery life?

Under normal circumstances DAZER II will work in 1000 odnosekundnyh activations, that is about a year.

Can I hear DAZER II?

No. Frequency Instrument (23,4 kHz) is beyond human perception.

The Department of Health of the United States of America confirmed that the ultrasonic signal device is not perceived by man. A letter from the department is on a site in the section reviews.

What is the effective range of DAZER II?

The best effect is achieved at a distance of up to 7 meters. However, it is helpful to activate the device as soon as the allegedly aggressive dog appeared in sight. This will prevent possible trouble.

Will the device, if the dog is behind a fence (the fence)?

The signal effect on the dog does not pass through the glass door or solid wood fence. However DAZER II will be useful if there are holes in the fence, that is when it is not continuous.

How to replace the battery?

Remove the 2 screws on the back cover of the case
Lift the top of the shell and carefully remove the used battery
Set the correct polarity, the new Alkaline battery to the device contacts
Tighten the 2 screws, making sure that the LED is visible through the hole in the upper part of the body

Use only Alkaline batteries. We recommend that batteries Energizer.

How do I determine that I bought brand DAZER II?

The device craftsmanship (Antireks, Antipes, Antidog) if:

on the front panel there is no logo DAZER II ™
on the rear panel there is no inscription «Made in USA»
you will be able to hear working unit (a very sharp sound)
No time in stainless steel for fastening the belt
in shake-up inside the instrument can be heard beating

Manufacturing: United States of America

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