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Glasses Sidorenko AMVO-01 Vacuum with emitters

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Points Sidorenko Immersed two unique method of treatment of diseases of the eye is color therapy and vacuum massage.

Unique vacuum massage Sidorenko points: is a soft impact on the tissue around the eye, which stimulates microcirculation and metabolism, is a beneficial impact on the eye muscles.

Here are the advantages of vacuum massage eye glasses Sidorenko:

Improves circulation of the eyeballs, eyelids, and the retina, decreases venous stasis pass. Hydrodynamics of the eye is improved, ie, inflow and outflow of intraocular fluid. Increased tissue by active oxygen saturation, increased protein synthesis, which provides power to the eye with all the necessary micronutrients. The beneficial effects of massage on the vascularization of the vacuum, ie is the formation of new blood vessels and increased retinal hemodynamics in preterm infants. Vacuum massage promotes the accumulation of pharmaceuticals in the tissues of the eye and the media, even after oral and intravenous administration.

Points Sidorenko method is used eye color therapy which is an excellent way to stimulate the central part of the retina, macula, is responsible for color perception and for visual acuity.

In the Points Sidorenko used pulses of several colors, as follows:

RED - increases the internal energy, helps to activate blood, blood circulation and metabolism. Since ancient times, the color red is associated with vitality. The red color has a strong cleaning effect;

YELLOW - increases concentration, improves mood and memory. It is useful for the skin and nervous system, improves vision. He sets up and cleans toxins from the entire body, promotes the movement of bodily fluids, relieves swelling. It is noticed that the yellow color strengthens the central nervous system.

GREEN - contributes to the rhythmic work of the heart, relaxing the eyes, has a mild anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect, useful for reduced kidney function, dizziness, nervousness.

BLUE - evokes a feeling of comfort and relaxation, relieves stress, lowers blood pressure, calming breath. The brain, eyes and sinuses are also treated in blue. This is the most potent analgesic color of the spectrum because of its influence in the field includes the ears, eyes and nose, the blue color is very good for acute inflammation of the sinuses and catarrhal phenomena. Leaning in turn, produces pulses of light massage of the pupil, the internal muscles of the eye. As a result, improves blood circulation; Activates the autonomic nervous system; Eliminates congestion; Normalized cardiac activity; Reduced blood and intraocular pressure.

Indications Points Sidorenko: Amblyopia Astigmatism Myopia Inflammatory diseases of the eye Hyperopia, farsightedness Age Glaucoma Degeneration of the optic nerve Macular degeneration Computer eye syndrome Various forms of strabismus, including children under the age of one year; The initial cataract Presbyopia Cyclospasm Retinopathy of premature infants Partial atrophy of the optic nerve.

Vacuum Points Sidorenko recommended, including people whose work is associated with a high load on the eyes. Teachers, research workers, drivers, pilots, programmers, etc. Contraindications: Neoplastic Diseases Mental disorders Severe neurological disorders Detachment of the retina Bleeding in the tissues of the eye and the media Neoplasm of eyelid, eye orbit Inflammatory diseases, especially in the acute phase - under the strict supervision of a physician

MASSAGE APPLIANCE - VACUUM POINTS (AMVO-01) (Sidorenko Points) developed and proposed for use in ophthalmology, president of the Association of Children's Ophthalmology, Head of the Department of Ophthalmology, Faculty of Pediatrics Medical University, Corresponding Member of RAMS, Academician LAN, Honored Scientist of Russia, Honorary Doctor of the Russian Federation, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences Yevgeny Ivanovich Sidorenko.

Made in Russia

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