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MEDBIOTECH-APG antiparasitic device bio-resonance therapy

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Antiparasitic device MEDBIOTECH APG (MEDBIOTEH) - designed for active bioresonance therapy (ABRT), based on the generation of weak electromagnetic oscillations of a particular form and frequency, which, by means of special electrodes are passed through the body.

Action device Medbitech APG aimed at correcting homeostasis, resulting in the recovery is painful organs in the body.

Many diseases are closely related to the presence in the body of parasitic, bacterial and viral agents, both infectious and living in different organs in a state of symbiosis with tissue structures of the body. In order to suppress certain agents do not have to be administered antibiotics, ie use is not harmless to the body by chemotherapy. Knowing the frequency of the metabolic activity of certain agents can act on them frequency fluctuations, which would violate their own rhythms and thereby inhibit their normal metabolic activity. As the relevant studies, such effects are completely harmless to human body. This treatment is called active bioresonance therapy (ABRT) and which is included in the antiparasitic device Medbioteh APG.

Antiparasitic device MEDBIOTECH APG has a general curative effect on the entire body, starting with the structural and functional unit - cell bodies and finishing, systems, and the whole organism as a whole.

ABRT MEDBIOTEH antiparasitic device is intended for use by medical profile (neurologists, physicians, trauma surgeons, pediatricians, urologists, gynecologists, family physicians, and others), specialists beauty salons, massage therapists, etc., as well as for independent use by patients at home as home mini reflexologist. Remarkable results have been obtained in the treatment of sore throat, sinusitis, herpes, yeast infections, influenza, liver disease, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, various infections and parasitic infestations.

The operation principle of the antiparasitic Medbioteh APG:

The operation principle Medbiotech APG based on the impact of electromagnetic vibrations of a certain frequency, shape and amplitude, which have a strictly selective effect on different types of pathogens (worms, fungi, bacteria, viruses, mites, etc.).

The emission spectrum of the device corresponds to the emission spectrum of pathogenic (alien) flora weak electromagnetic oscillations of a particular form and frequency, which, by means of special electrodes are passed through the body. As a result of the impact of weakening the protective functions of pathogens, reduces the number they produce toxins and waste products. Which in turn helps the body's immune system to recognize and reduce the activity of pathogenic flora, and eventually remove it
from the body. Complete liberation of the body from the above agents is due to their active and intense repression biofloroy eliminate elements of the immune system at the tissue and cellular level.

Program unit antiparasitic Medbiotech APG:

1. Antifungal (1)
2. Antibacterial and anti-virus (sore throat, chills, adenoids)
3. Anthelmintic and antiprotozoal (against protozoa).
4. Overall, including anthelmintic, antiviral (including HPV and warts), antiprotozoal (against protozoa), and dust mite resistant.
5. Prevention.
6. Cosmetology.
7. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory + sports medicine, lymphatic drainage.
8. Antifungal (2)
9. Treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal + sports medicine, lymphatic drainage.
10. Treatment and prevention of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
11. SARS - 1-3 (total set of the most active reference frequency for the treatment of respiratory diseases by the method Dr.R.Rife
12. SARS - 4-6 (optional total set of the most active reference frequency for the treatment of respiratory diseases by the method Dr.R.Rife
13.Obschaya: urinary infection, the fundamental frequency
14. Harmonica 1 (total frequency ideal health)
15. Harmonica 2 (total frequency ideal health)
16. Programm active "red"
17. Programm active "orange"
18. Programm active "yellow"
19. Programm active "green"
20. Programm active "blue"
21. Programm active "blue"
22. Programm active "purple"
23. Programm active "infrared"
24. Programm active "Ultraviolet"
25. Programm active "Y / Y"

In clinical trials, the device indicated a positive effect on non-specific factors of the body's defense - the adaptive response. In this case, apply the anti-parasite treatment and prophylactic device MEDBIOTECH APG to improve health can be almost any patient.

Particular attention should be paid during the sessions Medbioteh apparatus for drinking regime. The body begins to rapidly eliminate toxins and waste products formed after the death of the parasites. Water - best solvent toxins. Drinking plenty of fluids (at least two liters a day) helps cleanse the body of toxins.


WARNING:! NEVER USE antiparasitic device if you are pregnant or wear a pacemaker. As the situation with pregnancy
simply not been investigated, and the electrical signals can affect the proper operation of the pacemaker, do not conduct experiments on himself!


Dimensions 108h65h27 mm
Current consumption at a supply voltage 3 to 30 mA
MTBF of at least 10,000 hours
The average service life of at least 5 years
Net weight is not more than 0.2 kg
Continuous operation of the device at least 8 hours
Power supply - 1.5 V AA batteries

Warranty: 12 months

The warranty does not cover the battery and mechanically-
damaged during use electrodes.

Production: Ukraine

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