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Geske Politsvet Mag - phototherapy apparatus

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Apparatus Geske Politsvet-Mag - a unique and unparalleled in the world of information tsvetomagnitoterapii apparatus, which is the basis of the experiences of ancient Oriental medicine in the field of color effects on the human energy centers (the treatment is carried out not as much light as color).

For this purpose, the apparatus used monochromatic radiation (orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and infrared radiation) in the range 400 - 1000 nm.

Monochromatic radiation of different colors, interacting with the fine structure of the human body does not heal the symptoms but the cause of the disease.

From the standpoint of basic science, color therapy is an ecological method of treatment aimed at restoring harmony in the body's energy, impaired disease. Apparatus equipped with a removable magnetic nozzle.

Apparatus Geske Politsvet-Mag as well as other devices Geske series can be used as an alternative treatment by laser, but much cheaper, safer and no less effective than laser. 

Application apparatus "Politsvet-magician" in TSVETOMAGNITOTERAPII


LED therapy devices and infra red radiation "Geske" by its medical action similar to a laser therapeutic device, but distinct from, portability, reliability and security application that allows to operate these machines in hospitals and at home.

Geske series of devices designed to influence the pathological focus or the body as a whole, their therapeutic effect repeatedly identified in different areas of medicine.
- Surgery
- Ermatologii,
- Trauma,
- Neurology,
- Otolaryngology
- Endocrinology,
- Pediatrics.

Used in devices Geske-Politsvet Mage color vibrations of blue, green, yellow, orange, red and infrared ranges affect the nervous system, endocrine glands, organs and muscles. Clinical trials and practical application of the apparatus Geske-politsvet shown their high effectiveness in the treatment of many diseases in different areas of medicine.

Psychophysiological effect of color:

For the treatment of patients in the devices used by the combined effect of monochromatic radiation in the range of 400-1000 nm and a constant magnetic field, the reinforcing effect of treatment.

This combination allows you to:
1. accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissue;
2. reduce pain;
3. enhance the humoral and tissue immunity;
4. provide both locally and general sanifying effect on the whole organism;
5. quickly eliminate edema and inflammatory reaction.

Safety and efficiency effects of the device allows using it in hospitals, at home, in conjunction with traditional methods, and independently to persons of all ages, allowing you to significantly reduce treatment time and udeshevlyaya the process of treatment due to a significant reduction in doses of expensive drugs, or nearly complete out of them. Methods of using the apparatus are simple, accessible and not require special training.


- Contraindications for magnetic therapy is practically indistinguishable from the general contraindications for any type of physical therapy, in particular:

- Severe cardiovascular, nervous and other systems (myocardial infarction, exacerbation of hypertension, acute disorders of cerebral circulation, blood diseases, active tuberculosis of the lungs, liver and kidney disease in the acute stage, toxic diffuse goiter III degree);

- Cancer;

- Abscesses, phlegmon before autopsy;

- Pronounced hypotension;

- Bleeding.

Apparatus Geske - Politsvet magician works from the network.

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