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Electrostimulator Erektron (treatment of prostate)

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Warning! In September 2009, the plant stopped producing apparatus series Erektron "in the carton, so by purchasing" Erektron "at artificially low prices, most likely you are experiencing with sellers of old vehicles with expiring or expired - ie, vehicles with a weaker effect therapeutic effects. 

New devices are available only in specially Blister packs, and only with security holograms.

Beware of imitations!

Autonomous electrostimulator gastrointestinal rectally, vaginal Erektron.

Electrostimulator Erektron intended to influence the smooth muscle of rectum, prostate gland, vagina and cervix enabling a sequence of electrical pulses, while endogenous zinc ion electrophoresis.

Electrostimulator Erektron allows noninvasive affect the pockets of the disease, which are located in the space of the rectum and vagina special sequence of electrical pulses, as well as endogenous electrophoresis enter daily dose of zinc into the prostate gland to increase its force in the formulation of testosterone and spermatogenesis.

The impact of pulse activates the processes of sharing, protective reactions, muscle activity and the microcirculation of blood in the pelvic area, which contributes to loss of blood and long products, the disappearance of edema, restoration of nerve conduction.

Electrical impulses cause anesthetic and neurotrophic effects, and this, in turn, enhances the reparative processes. Improved blood circulation and neyrotrofiki on the one hand, the influence of reflex points on the spinal and brain on the other hand, improves sexual function in men and women. 
Improving inkretornoy and secretory function of prostate gland, stimulating the expression of testosterone Leytsita testes cells, promotes the normalization of hormonal homeostasis, increases sperm motility and increases their concentration in semen.

At the same time in the process of electrochemical reaction occurs at the anode caused by dissolution-cap layer of micronutrients, and trace elements in ionized form enters the human body, which contributes to the normalization of the motor-evacuative bowel function, reduces cholesterol levels in the blood, normalizes the level of testosterone in the blood serum of patients with diabetes.
The average duration of treatment 10-15 procedures, one or two times a day, duration of exposure from 10 to 30 minutes each.

Erektron may be used in a physiotherapeutic, gynecological and andrological clinics clinics, as well as in the home or on the advice of a doctor. 
Electrostimulator Erektron is strictly for individual multiple applications. 
You can use electrostimulator «Erektron» as a vehicle for immediate action to raise or improve the erection of the penis. 

For men, it is desirable use of nuclear power plants ZHKT Erektrona with zinc. 

Additionally, we introduce the method of electrophoresis of endogenous zinc ions, which contributes to the formulation of testosterone - the primary male hormone, which regulates including sexual function, substantially increases the number of sperm and their quality. 
Indications for use 

For men: 
Chronic prostatitis in a stage of moderate exacerbation or in remission stage. 
Accompanying chronic prostatitis, or an independent violation of the sexual functions, namely: 
decrease of erection of the penis; 
inability to maintain erection during intercourse before semyaizverzheniya; 
The absence or obstruction semyaizverzheniya;
reducing the length of sexual intercourse; 
decrease in the intensity of staining orgasm. 

For women: 
Violation of the menstrual cycle, with a lack of ovarian function (ovarian hypo). 
Functional infertility (infertility due to a violation of contractile tubal ligation, a lack of function of the ovaries). 
Rehabilitation treatment after surgery for uterine appendage. 
Omission of the uterus. 
Violations of the sexual function.

What result? 

There is a cure prostatitis with efficiency of more than 85%, as a consequence of the disappearance of pain and increase the length and quality of sexual intercourse. 
Restoration of normal semyaizverzheniya.

How long does it take?

The entire course is 10 - 15 procedures. Recommended that stimulation through the day. 
The duration of each procedure, 8-10 minutes 

Who is not?
Contraindicated in the presence of the pacemaker. 
In the acute stage of hemorrhoids. 
It is necessary to caution against the use of the device in acute exacerbation of chronic prostatitis and prostatitis. 
Contraindicated with adenoma of the prostate and malignant tumors of the genitourinary areas of acute violations urinating.

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