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Electrical Sheets (Turkey)

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Electrical sheet is intended for the local heating in the home. Indispensable in under-heated apartments and country houses. Can be used for medicinal purposes. High efficiency, consume 44 to 88 watts. Stimulates circulation, improves metabolic processes in the body. Effectively used for rheumatism, osteochondrosis, and other diseases.

Electrical sheet provides comfortable conditions for recreation. Gentle heat evenly spread across the surface of the product, has a calming effect, relieves muscle tension.

Before you use it to verify proper operation of the product. Elektroprostyn put to bed, secure it to the mattress with tape, plugged in, select the mode.

In the "1" (44 W) the product can work longer period,

In mode 2 (88 W) - less than 1 hour. The product does not contain any device, unplug it from the mains in case of overheating or failure, so do not leave it running unattended.

We lie in bed and the sensations that occur at this time largely depends on all of our subsequent sleep. We touch the body with sheets and duvet covers. Their temperature, smell, quality fabrics, colors and more subtle at first sight moments - all this is too important to ignore. Bedsheet bedsheet strife. Bedsheet important element of the bedclothes. And the electrical sheet, elektroprostynya is primarily a comfort and health in the damp cold weather. Choosing the electrical sheet must pay attention to quality, but other than that, and imagine that you would not want your sheets doing.
You do not want the electric sheets crumpled and slipped - choose the size of the sheets, perhaps with some reserve. You do not want the sheet was unpleasant body - consult on the quality of a specialist.


Size 120cm x 160sm
220 V
Power consumption 44-88 W
Degree of protection from moisture is not
Protection class shock 0
Number two temperature regimes
The maximum heating temperature of 55 degrees.

Production: Korea

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