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Apparatus Paracelsus-07 Antiparasitic

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Apparatus Paracelsus-07 - designed for a comprehensive anti-parasitic and anti-virus treatment of the human drug-free means of methods bioresonance (bioinformatics) therapy. 

Device Paracelsus-07 - allows harmless to the organism to effectively treat both acute and chronic diseases in the etiology and pathogenesis of which play an important role parasite (bacterial, viral, fungal and other) infection.

Apparatus Paracelsus-7 - is effective in removing any acute infectious conditions (influenza, SARS, ARI, etc.), chronic diseases and recurrent infections (asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, prostatitis, diabetes, etc.), underlying infectious and parasitic diseases. 

The effectiveness of the apparatus Paracelsus-07 subject to the rules of more than 90%.

The mechanism of the device Paracelsus-7 

Preventive and curative anti-parasitic effects on the human machine Paracelsus-07 by using an electric nonharmonic periodic signal of rectangular shape with a frequency of 30 + / - 1.5% kHz through an extraordinary impact of the corrector of the functional state (CFS), which simulates the frequency characteristics of the medicinal plants.

Modulated field corrector electromagnetic impulses on liquid medium of the human body in combination with high-frequency components of the output signal bioresonance corrector (BRC). 

Proof-functional state (CFS) is a key element of the apparatus "Paracelsus-07". CFS is protected by patent. 

Proof of the functional state is an instrument of "electronic homeopathy, based on the principle of frequency radiation.

Why poison yourself with toxic fitopreparations often devastating effects not only on the parasite, but also on the internal organs of a person if you can record their frequency response and send the man, leaving "behind" all the toxic effects of such exposure.
At corrector prescribed frequency characteristics of anti-parasitic herbal bitterness and herbs, detox, used to enhance the excretory functions of the organism. This combination was chosen due to the fact that after the death of the parasites may be mild intoxication. And that this process was not painful, it is necessary to use mechanisms cleanse the body of toxins and wastes.

Application of the device Paracelsus-07 in the physiotherapy department of clinical hospital.

Since the action of the apparatus Paracelsus manifested in diseases with the presence of an infectious agent, for clarity, we take patients with acute infectious diseases and the aggravation of chronic inflammations. These are frequent and urgent problems in the hospital as acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory, acute pharyngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, occurring as always at the wrong time and interfere with treatment of the main disease that involves an undesirable increase in the length of hospitalization. With that, using the apparatus "Paracelsus" solved along the way such hidden-occurring infections, such as chronic prostatitis, arthritis, and arthritis, etc.

Group 1 diseases - acute respiratory infections, including acute pharyngitis, rhinitis, tracheitis.

All patients were divided into two groups:

The first group - the control - received regular physiotherapy - the electromagnetic field UHF, inhalation, fitonapitki, microwave therapy.

The second group received anti-inflammatory drugs, and 3-4 times a day - "Paracelsus" in the hands of the attached to the device circuit. In the second group of patients feeling better already occurred at the 2 nd - 3rd day, the disease completely stoped at the 5 th day. Medication was limited to 2-day name. And for obvious reasons, treatment of patients with the second group took place more comfortable, ie without the phenomena of dyspepsia. In patsientov1 first group arresting signs of the disease occurred in 10-12 days.

2 nd group of diseases - patients with pulmonary pathology.

We have observed patients in the acute period of disease, and chronic patients during routine hospitalization. Generally, these patients with acute bronchitis or exacerbation of chronic bronchitis without cardiopulmonary diseases. The average age of patients 45-50 years. The disease begins acutely after hypothermia was accompanied by the rise of temperature, dry, paroxysmal coughing, weakness, sweating. All patients were divided into two groups.

The first subgroup received conventional drug therapy, inhalation, fitonapitki, reformed physical factors, microwave therapy, Ultraphonophoresis minerals, electrophoresis of drugs, low-frequency therapy.

The second subgroup of patients received drugs in addition to procedures on the device "Paracelsus" 3-4 times a day according to the scheme specified in the instructions. These patients 2-3 days appeared profuse sputum, cough became "soft", the general condition is much improved, patients indicated "a burst of energy, a good night's sleep. The dose of medicinal drugs has been declining at the 3rd day. Full recovery occurred in 7-10 days. In the first group of patients with antibiotic treatment continued in full within 7-10-14-days. Full recovery in 14-20 days. In addition, treatment of these patients was accompanied by diarrheal events - abdominal distention, reduced appetite, constipation. These phenomena were not observed at all or were minimized in the second subgroup.

3rd group - patients with acute and subacute arthritis of different etiology with symptoms of synovitis.

These patients experienced inflammation of large joints with pain, hyperemia, perifocal edema. We again divided the patients into two subgroups to determine the effectiveness and compare the timing of treatment.

The first subgroup received anti-inflammatory drugs, as appropriate antibiotic therapy, physiotherapy, paraffin, according to testimony carried puncture of the affected joint.

The second group received the same treatment, but instead they carried physiotherapy treatment using the apparatus of "Paracelsus". And it should be noted that the phenomena of synovitis in punctate individual patients were found chlamydia. These arthritis were particularly hard course and resistance to therapy. According to the results of treatment in the first subgroup showed improvement of their well-being, decrease in temperature, decrease swelling of the joints occurred after 5-7 days, with recurrences synovitis after puncture occurred. In the second sub-group within two days of treatment by standard methods using the procedures in the unit "Paracelsus" died down phenomenon synovitis, recurrence after puncture was not. Complete clinical recovery occurred on 8-10 day. For comparison - the recovery of patients in the first subgroup occurred after 3 weeks.

Thus, we see that using the apparatus of "Paracelsus" can significantly reduce the time of hospitalization for diseases, which are involved in the etiology of an infectious agent, as well as to optimize treatment of patients with different pathologies.

Based on the above data, one can judge the possibility of using the method for the treatment of various diseases in combination with traditional methods of therapy, as well as an alternative method of treatment.


1. Power unit from 6F22 9V batteries (such as "Crown")
2. The amplitude 12V (at a frequency of 30 kHz)
3. Current consumption not more than 9 mA
4. Time exposure 7 minutes
5. The oscillation frequency of 30 + / -2 kHz
6. Battery life depends on the manufacturer of batteries and an average of 1 month during 2 procedures per day
7. The service life of at least 5 years.

The scope of delivery apparatus "Paracelsus-07" includes:

Bioresonance Journalist (BRC) - 1 pc.
Proof-functional state (CFS) - 1 pc.
Elastic Strap (wristlets) - 2 pcs.
The connecting wires - 2 pcs.
Storage pouch
Battery, type 6F22 9V ( "Crown")
Instructions for use and warranty card.

Production: Russia

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