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Staff cosmetic Nevoton AK-201

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Youth for 5 weeks. Do you want to restore the old skin youth and beauty? What to do? Out there, a comprehensive skin care from the staff Nevoton AK-201 


Power supply unit, in not more than ............... 9 
The voltage at the electrodes, in not more than ............... 25 
The maximum current through the electrodes, mA, not more than 20 .... 
Power Supply Battery type 6F22 .............( «Krona») 
Overall dimensions of the shell, mm, no more .... 60h120h34 
The mass of the device without the electrode, g, not more than .............. 200 

Apparatus for integrated skin care at home. 

Want to be beautiful and well-groomed, but a lack of time? Then this unit is for you! 
NEVOTON will help you at home to carry out the following cosmetic procedures: 

Galvanic cleaning person 

* Iontophoresis, increases skin elasticity 
* Removal of kuperoza (capillary setochki) 
* Softening of scar removal and 
* Removal of small and large smoothing large wrinkles 
* Bleaching of pigment spots 
* Caring for dry and oily skin 

Features of a procedure: 

Fat skin, acne 

Under the influence of apparatus NEVOTON comes the good work of the sebaceous glands and reducing the allocation of sebaceous secretion. NEVOTON normalizes the natural mechanisms for clearing the skin, prevents the appearance of acne rash. 

Small and mimic wrinkles 

The formation of the wrinkles associated with habitual traffic mimic muscles and the formation of tissue memory. The impact of the device in standby Galvanization promotes relaxation pathologically shortened muscle fibers, and natural regeneration of the homogeneity of the muscle tissue. Outwardly, this is reflected in smoothing the skin and removing wrinkles. 

The lifting of the contour of a person age and neck skin 

Miostimuliruyuschy treatment apparatus NEVOTON improves the tone of muscles and pull the skin. Personality traits have become brighter, and body language expressively. Visually neck looks longer and thinner, and younger skin. 

Dry skin 

Exposure apparatus NEVOTON leads to saturation of tissue water molecules and the restoration of spring properties of collagen and elastin - fibers, «responsible» for the elasticity of skin and its resistance to mechanical stress. 

Cellulite and stretch marks 

The procedures of the apparatus NEVOTON to restore the structure of connective tissue of skin (ellastinovyh and collagen) fibers and contributes to a more even distribution of fat inclusions. 

Local improvement of blood circulation leads to an acceleration of metabolic processes in tissues and utilization of fat. Vosstanovlivayutsya elastic-elastic properties of the surface layers of the skin, resulting in reduced its cellular and roughness. 

To enhance the effectiveness of the procedures developed by NEVOTON cosmetic gels: 

* MIOGEL for mature skin 
* MIOGEL for dry skin 
* MIOGEL for oily skin 

If you use these tools without the device? 

The effect will be. But nutrients, just put on the skin, penetrate the interior, only to 0,02 mm. Under the influence of apparatus NEVOTON AK-201, this value reaches 2 mm. 

What it gives? We need to nurture new developing cells, which are located in deep layers of the skin, rather than the surface, which is no longer able to keep the received materials and is about to begin otshelushivatsya. 
In addition to the unit you can buy online 
power supply company NEVOTON 

* Do not use power supplies other manufacturers. We guarantee your safety only if the use of brand power supply. 

Hardware cosmetic procedure is not recommended: 

* with malignant entities, the presence of implanted pacemaker; 
* in pregnancy and the first months (six) of the postnatal period. 

* Manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in design, design and integration of devices. 
In order to avoid misunderstandings when buying a guide manual.

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