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Apparatus for treatment of prostatitis Mavit ULP-01

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Prostatitis darkens the lives of many men. No one man can not be immune to the prostate, but they can get sick at any age. According to statistics, in recent years, it has every chance of a second man over the age of 20, and 30% did not even suspect about it without feeling any symptoms. With age the disease develops in 85% of men! 

These figures confirm that the prostate - the most common urologic diseases. 

The most likely development of the disease with hypothermia organism, sedentary lifestyles, and chronic inflammatory diseases. The most susceptible to the disease, men such occupations as drivers, sailors, etc. The main symptoms are frequent (4-5 times per night), and the urge to painful urination, and there are partial so that the man was not able to help. Then, at night the pain became unbearable, reduced the duration of sexual intercourse, and significantly reduced potency. 

If time does not begin to prevention and treatment, the prostate will become chronic. But more terrible than all the complications, when he leads cancer (adenoma) and to a complete loss of potency. 

However, there are effective treatments, but a little: drugs and every man malopriyatnye procedures associated with the constant visits to the doctor. However, conservative methods are not always effective. Today, the health business, which made a lot of money. Medicines for such serious diseases as prostatitis, according to the advertisement, «fast» let. And we get to the bait and launch the disease. But now those who have lost hope in the fight against prostatitis, there is a reliable and an assistant - a unique device MAVIT! This is the only apparatus for the treatment of diseases of the prostate! MAVIT based on a smooth, known methods of treatment, and indeed less able to restore male strength. 

Staff integrated impact of three factors: 

- Magnetic field; 
- Vibromassage; 
- Warmth. 

Magnetic field - improves blood flow, metabolism, nutrition of tissues, relieves pain and spasms. 

Massage is the most common method, while improving urination and erection is restored. 

«Dry» measured heat effect on the prostate to 41.5 degrees and eliminates inflammation. Thanks solely to the three factors eliminated the cause of disease and therapeutic effect is enhanced in the early days of application. Achieved results (disappearance of pain, restoration of potency and urination) is a long period. 

If you want to get rid of the prostate, without risk to health from now on you'll be treated independently in the home. 

MAVIT - the most advanced lecheniya.Apparat easy to use, it will be able to master each. Treatment does not require special training in conducting protsedur.Instruktsiya on the application of the device contains a detailed treatment, as set out in accessible language with diagrams and tables. He practically has no contraindications, side effects, does not cause allergies and addictive. 

successfully tested at the Russian Scientific Center of Physical Therapy, Institute of Surgery named after. A. Vishnevsky, and leading medical institutions in Russia and Ukraine. The device has numerous awards: Gold Medal Exhibition «Eureka» (Brussels Belgium), degree of competition «100 best goods of Russia». 

Treatment effect is due to the acceleration of exchange and reduction processes in the tissues, improve local circulation, contributing to the elimination of inflammation, and microbial pathogens. Heat, massage and magnetic effects in the treatment of prostatitis are recognized and included in treatment standards. 


- Kopulyativnaya dysfunction; 
- Chronic prostatitis (outside exacerbations); 
- Prostatovezkulit; 
- Uretroprostatit. 


- acute prostatitis; 
- Exacerbation of chronic prostatitis; 
- Malignant neoplasm of prostate and rectum; 
- Active tuberculosis or suspected tuberculosis, prostate; 
- Acute inflammatory diseases of the rectum. 


- Body (corpus of shockproof plastic); 
- Probe of the medical plastic anatomical form (sodnitelny cable 2 meters); 
- Manual; 
- Packaging. 


temperature probe from 37.5 to 42 gr. Celsius. 
time 60 min. with a break 20 minutes (6 hours with a break 60 min.) 
willingness to work in 10 minutes. after inclusion; 
weight of 0.6 kg. 

Power is provided from the regular home electric system. 
Warranty period - 12 months 
The registration certificate of Ministry of Health of Ukraine № 5014/2006 of 28.04.06g.

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