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Car rodent repeller Tornado 200 cars - designed to protect the car from the rats and mice at the time of his parking lot (the parking lot or garage). Set an ultrasonic repeller car Tornado 200 cars, usually under the hood of the car to protect the wiring, since rodents climb in the first place there. Repeller is connected to the car battery 12 V. For this purpose it is equipped with special terminals.

660.00 UAH

Rodent Repeller Chiston 2 pro high-power than the previous model Chiston 2. This modification Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller twice as powerful, and more than usual Chiston 2. Accordingly, the effect of ultrasonic radiation of exterminator Chiston 2 pro significant: rats, mice and other rodents are stressed, anxious, they have formed a conditioned reflex to avoid places with ultrasonic radiation. Vital activity of rodents violated and, therefore, an increase in population is not out of the question.

1 800.00 UAH
Out of stock

Dog Repeller Chiston AntiDog-11 is designed to protect people from dogs. Chiston Antidog keeps the dog at a safe distance, using an ultrasonic signal which has no harmful effects on humans.

499.00 UAH

Dryer Shoe ESO-12/220 intended for drying shoes from the inside. The small capacity, the optimum temperature regime provides gentle drying shoes, does not allow warping and deterioration of shoe leather.

46.00 UAH

Electric household type, intended for the local heating of the human body in the home, stimulates blood circulation and alleviates pain, a positive effect on colds.

505.00 UAH

Electrical sheet provides comfortable conditions for recreation. Gentle heat evenly spread across the surface of the product, has a calming effect, relieves muscle tension.

300.00 UAH



* Relieve stress and fatigue after a hard day, ADD COMFORT AND WARMTH.

* Can be used for medicinal purposes physician's recommendation

* Can be ideal to use in the country, and in rural areas, in areas where there DIFFICULTIES WITH HEATING HOUSING

399.00 UAH

The principle of operation and the Grad a 1000 pro about rodent and insect repeller is based on intolerance of animals and insects specially designed audio, ultrasonic and optical radiation generated by the product. Sonic and ultrasonic waves act on the nervous system of animals and insects, causing them pain and discomfort. Rats and mice lose their ability to consume food, water, try to leave the premises.

1 800.00 UAH

Repeller dogs Cobra - an effective and humane means of protecting people from the attack of aggressive dogs. The ultrasonic repeller dog "Cobra" is based on the combined action of the rays emitted by the ultrasound and light on the animals.

303.00 UAH
Out of stock

Ultrasonic deterrent DAZER II is used for protection against aggressive animals: dogs, cats, wolves, rats, wild foxes. It is also used for training dogs and protect your dog from strangers, aggressive and stray dogs.

1 150.00 UAH

Ultrasonic dog deterrent Osa - intended to scare away stray dogs. Emitting ultrasonic waves affect the nervous system of dogs, forcing them to flee. But these waves travel a limited distance between the animals and radiator. The most effective distance for the use of dog deterrent Osa - no more than 10 meters. With the device Osa can easily prevent a surprise attack dogs on rights.

344.00 UAH
Out of stock

Repeller Dogs Tornado 112 has a bright LED flashlight, which operates in strobe mode to include "with strobe" is recommended is usually in the evening or night time, this mode will increase the effects of ultrasound that is a depressing effect on the dog. All of this maximizes efficiency and speed of the ultrasonic repeller dogs, Tornado 112, which guarantees the security of the owner in any situation.

577.00 UAH

The ultrasonic repeller dogs Tornado-112 duo will reliably protect you from any attack by the vicious or aggressive dogs. Along with a certain frequency ultrasound, which causes the dog a sense of panic, sudden pain in the ears and a natural fear in the repeller Tornado duo 112 superbright LEDs used to amplify the effectiveness of psychological repeller dogs.

777.00 UAH

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