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Steam iron TravelSteamer - a novelty designed to American technology. This steam iron is a high performance, durable products made from high quality materials. With the help of a powerful jet of steam, formed from a mixture of water with the addition of salt, iron performs the following functions: smoothing, steaming, cleaning stains and dirt, fumigation.

590.00 UAH

Shavers removers Clatronic - a disk with holes, in which pellets can easily penetrate and cut off, while the fabric items are not damaged. You need only to arrange things on a flat surface and, holding it a bit, the reason for the razor removers. With this machine, you are without much difficulty and trouble will be neat and beautiful things in the wardrobe of your entire family.

55.00 UAH

Прибор упаковочный АТМОС СМАРТ ПАК - предназначен для быстрого и легкого склеивания различных полимерных пленок и пакетов с толщиной не более 40 мкм (полиэтилен, полипропилен, ПВХ и др.).

226.00 UAH

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