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Ultra-activator for laundry "Fairy" - a plastic sphere with holes for water circulation. "FAIRY" ledopodobnoy promotes the formation of the molecular structure of water, a catalytic effect on the washing solution. It is known that sea water during freezing gets rid of dirt and salt prevraschayaetsya in clean, fresh ice. Similarly, the cleaning solution on the basis of water ledopodobnoy molecular structure activates the process of washing dirt from the fabric fibers.

1 500.00 UAH

Washing with an ultrasonic device for washing Biosonik occurs with ultrasonic vibrations, which are in the soap solution form of microscopic bubbles with high pressure inside. Vesicles penetrate between the fibers of fabric in contact with them occur microexplosions that allows you to remove dirt particles not only from the surface, but also clean the internal structure of the tissue.

330.00 UAH

Laundry washing machine Bioton ultrasound is more effective than hand washing, and in some cases even better than machine washing machine. Laundry fit any container from a small basin to the usual bathroom.

303.00 UAH
Out of stock

Ceramic heater M1 is used for heating the air and maintain a comfortable temperature in domestic premises.

260.00 UAH
Out of stock

Ceramic heater M 2 is used for heating the air and maintain a comfortable temperature in domestic premises.

360.00 UAH
Out of stock

Dispenser is based on the most perfect system Aquastrong 02-25 with 8 phases of treatment, mineralizer and strukturator water that distinguishes it from most filter systems present in the domestic market. And considering that a similar level of import filters and consumables cost much more money with fewer resources - and then displays a filtering system Aquastrong 02-25 in market leaders.

7 777.00 UAH
Out of stock

Induction cooker with two Meridian - best replacement for traditional sources of heating 

Advantages plates:

high efficiency;
two-zone heating;
quick cooking (1 liter of water boils over 3.15 minutes);
high safety and environmental cleanliness (lack of open flames and smoke);
simple control and management (built-in computer);
modern and practical appearance;
Technology smooth start;
mode of self-defense;
heat-resistant ceramic plate;
timer to 10 hours;
Efficiency 90%
to be embedded in kitchen furniture

1 700.00 UAH
Out of stock

Kettle TK 2932

Description kettle Clatronic TK 2932: Kettle-zavarnik 600 W "Capacity 0,7 l; Wireless; Automatic / manual off; integrated heating element; protection without the inclusion of water / overheating Stationary filter for tea; function of maintaining heat; stand with winding cord, indicator light, easy to fill and pour.

199.00 UAH
Out of stock

The most important quality of induction cookers - high efficiency. Power induction cookers is high and costs are very cautious - almost all the electricity for cooking food (efficiency = 90%, the highest among the existing cookers!). IMPOSSIBLE get burned! Stove has no heating element heats only the dishes!

550.00 UAH
Out of stock

Steam cleaner Clatronic DR-2930 - a device for a thorough and effective cleaning and disinfection of doors, windows, floors, skirting boards, clothes, car.

313.00 UAH
Out of stock

Ultrasound device for washing "Pony" is designed for gentle washing with ultrasonic vibrations. 
Ultrasonic washing machine "Pony" consists of a block generator, generating electrical impulses, cable and transmitter, which converts the pulses into ultrasonic vibrations (a specific form and intensity) of washing solution.
Ultrasound, penetrating between the fibers, removes tissue from the inside, not subjecting it to mechanical stress. Thus, the fabric does not wear out, do not fall down, retains its original shape.

250.00 UAH
Out of stock

Ultrasonic washing machine Retona USU-0707 - one of the best washing device, ensuring high quality of washing. Ultrasonic emitters washing machine Retona generates the required frequency ultrasound, which violates the adhesion of microparticles dirt and fibers products and removes impurities. Fibers, fabrics, during the ultrasonic washing machine Retona, cleaned, not only outside but inside.

660.00 UAH

Ultrasonic washing machine Solana is intended for washing and disinfection of linens and things from the tissues of any type. Laundry room is to drive cars at the bottom of the tank with water and detergent. There also put dirty linen. Unlike traditional washing machines, washing produce with the help of acoustic and ultrasonic vibrations generated in the washing solution is a huge number of microscopic bubbles.

550.00 UAH
Out of stock

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